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ELD Mandate/HOS

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is mandated to be installed in nearly every truck in the United States that is involved in commerce and/or crosses any state border, also known as interstate commerce.

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Training Standards

Many CDL truck driving schools continue to lure prospective students into class through the promises of big money and guaranteed employment.

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Truck Parking

The ongoing and increasing shortage of truck parking creates dangerous situations for vehicle operators, sometimes forcing them to drive in search of a location to park their rig. As a result, the spot they choose may be in an undesignated and/or unsafe area, and that can spell trouble for the trucker.

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How Can YOU Make a Difference

We started this campaign to help make the public and our customers aware of the effects of the ELD mandate. Many people and businesses are unaware of the extent that the Government has intruded into small business. The results are massive Government over-reach and excessive regulations that have been pushed onto the Transportation Industry.

You can help make a difference. By sharing this information with others and helping us to send a message to Washington DC that these excessive and costly regulations are bad for small business and bad for the American public.

There’s nothing safe about an 80,000 lb. truck having to rush through their day.



There has been an attorney secured by a group called TRUMP'D,  We are supportive of this case to help bring an end to the ELD Mandate.

We are asking for supporters to donate if they can and want to, in order to help pay for this effort. Legal cases are costly and they need all the help we can give them.

If you can support it is much welcomed, as we all need a voice in this effort and that sometimes requires legal representation.